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Cracks in eggs are KILLERS!


Eggs are naturally dropped from chicken's back usually with a hint of a chicken blood contamination that stays on the shell after the eggs are laid. This contamination is increased while on the floor, which usually contains chicken droppings etc. If an egg has no cracks, the risk is lower but the big health risk comes from cracked eggs which let the contamination penetrate directly into the egg. To avoid such a risk the industry has to pamper eggs and avoid any action or circumstances that lead to cracks on eggs.


To avoid such a risk the industry has to pamper eggs and avoid any action or circumstances that lead to cracks on eggs. One of the strongest recommendations to avoid Salmonella is to avoid cracked eggs: 


We need to have egg packaging that prevents eggs from being cracked indifferent circumstances. That means on the top of the egg hygiene we need tolook after the egg's physical safety.


Egg Safety in Storage

In a typical supermarket, there are layers and layers of egg boxes on each other.

The pressure from the weight of the egg boxes stacked on top of one egg box can easily crack the eggs in the box. CozyChick is tested to tolerate a pressure of up to 47,5KG before the packaging is deformed and the risk of cracking eggs is introduced. The typical pressure tolerance for other types of egg boxes is in area of 30KG only. That means CozyChick (6 pack tested) will tolerate 58% more top load.

Test was performed on an empty paper eggbox of 6 eggs.6 weights of 5KG each totaling 30KG rested on the pack. We removed last 5KG weight and added 3 weights of 2,5KG and at the third one or total of 32,5KG the pack collapsed.

Here is the top load of 47,5 KG on CozyChick with stable performance. By adding another 2,5KG weight the pack collapsed.Here is what is left of a smashed CozyChick. Only a bit of deformation on one corner but the structure still stands strong.



IT IS IMPORTANT to add that both paper eggbox and CozyChick were in fully dry condition. Any humidity caused by humid air or a cracked/broken egg inside the paper eggbox (a very often condition) will dramatically will bring down the resistance to the top load to a minimum fraction of the above test. There will be no change in performance of the CozyChick.


Egg Safety in Transportation

If we look at how the farming and distribution of eggs look today, we will easily realize that there is a tremendous amount of transportation involved. In a typical market, there are thousands of egg farms transporting their eggs to egg packaging companies. Once those companies pack the eggs they are again transported to thousands of supermarkets in the market. This cycle happens every day as the shelf life of eggs is not too long. Eggs are fresh food products and this cycle must happen every day. Other products having longer storage and shelf life will have less transportation involved because they can be stored for a longer time.


Another phenomenon in the modern world is e-commerce and food delivery, which is a very large trend and will dominate the way we will shop in the coming decades. Look at the success of a few examples of these e-commerce sites.

Food delivery e-commerce means they need to deliver packed eggs to several million consumers instead of several thousand supermarkets. This means much more transportation involved in an unprecedented style.


All this indicates the necessity that we need a new generation of egg packaging to keep eggs safe during transportation hazards that can easily lead to cracked eggs and diseases.


CozyChick has designed unique patented features for keeping the eggs physically safe during any transportation impacts to avoid cracks. The feature implemented in the product works like springs under and above eggs when the packaging is closed. It functions like shock absorbers in any circumstance from hard impacts on the egg packaging.



Deformation Proof

The egg cartons made of paper are very vulnerable to humidity. They are made of dry paper pulp which by nature sucks all humidity whether in the air or on the floors/walls inside. A wet egg carton is very unstable and is changed in shape and size easily. Imagine the difference of a wet carton against a new and dry one. This means that paper egg packaging will not give the required safety and protection to the eggs caused by misshaped carton due to humidity. Eggs can easily fall out, get cracked etc. This problem is happening in tropical regions such as Hawaii, Malaysia, Thailand or regions with high humidity areas such as Persian Gulf countries of UAE, Bahrain etc.

CozyChick is made of a material that will not be deformed under any level of exposure to water or humidity. Another fantastic feature of CozyChick is the resistance to heat for up to 130 degrees Celsius before it starts deforming and eventually melt. This feature is easily used for boiling eggs. Having eggs packed in CozyChick you will not need to remove them for boiling anymore. You can directly dip the package into the boiling water and get your cooked eggs without needing to touch them, or move them from egg trays to pots for cooking. CozyChick shape will stay firm for as long as you boil them with eggs in boiling water!!!!



Pick and Place

Have you ever tried to pick up a longer egg box, for example 12 eggs with one hand holding only one side? I am sure most people have not. The simple reason is that the current egg boxes in the market are so unstable. Holding an egg box by one hand from one end will for sure cause the eggs to move inside the pack, even fall from the other side.


CozyChick has introduced a patented feature for egg box called U-RIM. With this technology you can pick an egg box from any side and be sure the eggs inside will not move, the egg box will not open from the other side and eggs will stay safe and in place.

Pick and Place




Eggs are produced and packed in billions per day. This large volume packing job needs a fully automated and extremely high-speed sorting, inspection and packing machinery.


An egg packaging must be fully compatible to be used in such a high-speed packing machine or else the product is almost not usable.


The world-leading company in this field is called Moba in the Netherlands. 


The company with its related group of companies control over 85% of the world market in this industry producing the fastest and best machines for this purpose.

CozyChick has developed its design in full coordination with Moba, and has a certificate that proves the product is fully compatible with high-speed egg filling machines.


Furthermore, a specific code for CozyChick egg packaging is to be distributed to all the installed machines worldwide by Moba. The egg packaging companies will only need to know the code for CozyChick to feed into the machine and then the pre-programmed code will adjust the machine precisely for running CozyChick.


This is how easily CozyChick is introduced to an egg packing company to run with high speed machines.

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