The technology used in production of CozyChick is THE ONLY technology that allows a 100% chemical free labeling. Both in paper egg packaging and other plastic egg packaging in the market (done by thermoforming technology as described earlier) labels are glued to the packaging. Glue contains harmful chemicals which directly goes to nature by these packages. Also on both paper and plastic egg packaging the material used to produce labels are different from the packaging itself. This makes correct recycling extremely difficult and costly. As the labels are attached to the products by glue there are issues most of the time such as not being glued on the right position, not glued fully and correctly etc.


CozyChick is produced by injection molding technology which is the only technology that allows the label to be attached to the product without using any glue. This technology is called IML, “In Mold Labeling”. The labels are produced by the same material that is used for the packages, they are printed by food safe ink and inserted into the mold before injection. The result is a beautiful, safe, hygienic, environmental friendly decoration of the product. As the label in this technology is melted into the package it is impossible to tear it away. It is always attached to the product with high precision and impossible to remove. These days most of the products in food stores are using the same technology. Here are pictures of a few.


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April 7, 2016

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