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During our R&D, we have watched carefully the reaction of consumers the first time they got their hands on CozyChick. They looked like they fell in love with something beautiful, something that they never expected, something that naturally should be there and should feel that way, but had always been missing.


Other than the beautiful look of the material that CozyChick is made of, it is also the great feeling. The material is so soft and nice compared to any other plastic egg packaging available. The current plastic egg packaging products are made of a rough and hard sounding PET, similar to any plastic water bottle. The sound they make when closing and opening, or when you touch them, does not feel right. It is the same or even worse with egg packaging made of polystyrene plastic material.

One should hold, touch and look through CozyChick to experience this fantastic feeling of a superior product.

A great design is not only one that is functional, the beauty and feeling of a design is a key for us to feel good about a product. A great product with no feeling will fail. A beautiful design helps to create a relation between us and a product.

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